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How readers perceive a book has an important role when it comes to brand yourself as a writer and promote a book efficiently and the ability to do this has become essential.No matter how talented an author is;if the readers don't know about a book how will they know to buy it or if it is a good one or not?

“Writing a book without promoting it is like waving to someone in a dark room. You know what have you done but nobody else do.”
~Madi Preda

How To Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda is an easy to read and understandable guide designed to help every author to chart their own path and stand up and say to the world "Here is my book" and communicate the message from between the covers in an original way that call to action and make their book a must read.

The readers will:

- understand why a strategic planning can be a significant advantage

- get used to marketing techniques tailored to specific genres including guidance in identifying the right audience and find useful contacts

- build a strong online presence and author's platform while learning strategies for maximizing exposure and increase sales.

Madi Preda's Book, How To Promote and Market Your Book is a detailed, accessible and practical guide on how to make the most of social media marketing and where to start.Is a must have book which reflects changes and trends in online marketing practice,offering many case studies on publicity campaigns for different genres, marketing plans, and many contact lists for pitching media,book bloggers, and websites for promotion.

How to Promote and Market Your Book can be order at Apple, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and Smashwords

ISBN 9781310593680 - Electronic Edition

About the author

Madi Preda is a freelance publicist, who started doing promotion for books and writers when her husband published his two novels.Authors PR Madi Preda works with authors and publishers to create effective online marketing campaigns for traditional,self-published and print-on-demand books. At Authors PR she promotes all genres, including romance, mystery, thrillers, inspirational, spirituality, self-help, how-to, literary fiction, business, parenting, relationships and more. She created publicity campaigns for many writers, traditional or self published, publicizing more than 50 books within a year of launching her first campaign. Madi is helping authors to gain more exposure and media coverage through her online marketing campaigns and as a result of her experience she decided to write a practical guide for authors, or aspiring writers, in marketing, explaining step by step how to make a book successful from the manuscript stage to wholesale distribution.



's review
Jun 27, 14

I wish I would have read Madi Preda’s book before I spent 3K for a Promo Specialist! I am going to address the merits of this book from two modes; one from a newbie author and the other from an educator’s point of view.
As a newbie author I find myself literally drowning in all the social media world and especially for an Indie Author. I can’t say enough about this book and what a powerhouse of theory, research and tools are listed here. The book is packed with real links to some of the best sites and resources for all authors. Coming from an educator’s view I can honestly say that this book is very easy to read. The format is very organized and it flowed very well.
How to Promote and Market Your Book is my new ‘GO TO’ manual now for all my writing needs. Thank you Madi Preda for writing this book!

Rosie Amber

I'm going to start with a quote “You can write the most wonderful book in the world. But if people don’t know about your book they won’t know to buy it.”~Madi Preda

Madi has written a must-read book. This handbook is crammed full of useful ideas, step-by-step instructions and case studies full of helpful information.

Writing a book is a HUGE dream for most people and achieving that dream is like climbing a mountain. Now it's easier to write a book and with self-publishing, hitting the button and seeing your book takes minutes. Yet this is only the beginning. Publishing a book, Madi says, is like "Opening a Small Business", and a writer needs to look at marketing themselves as the product rather than just focusing on the book. Readers follow authors not their books. Just think about some of the great writers and let that statement sink in.

There is a great piece written for this book by book reviewer Lynn Worton which I really appreciated. Madi and Lynn encourage authors to make book reviewers and book bloggers feel special because they are an important part of book sales. This just backs up my recent book review challenge series where I promoted the need for more book reviews.

Even if you haven't self-published, publishers no longer take your book and do everything else for you while you sit back and write the next, authors are expected to market their own books and there are a whole world of ideas and ways to do this inside this gem of a book. I don't hesitate to give it 5*'s and it should be a part of any writer's promotional plans.

Press Clips and Interviews

's review
Jul 11, 14

I picked this up on Smashwords following the recommendation of a friend. As an aspiring author I've been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding marketing/promoting books sales. I found this book to be helpful in a variety of ways. For instance, the author explains how to develop a marketing plan and includes a case study for a children's book complete with links to related blogs, groups, magazines etc. She covers all the bases with information and insight from writing a synopsis to organizing pre-order campaigns and advertising. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to market their own books.

Final Cover for Smashwords
Final Cover for Smashwords

Book Cover designed by Madi Preda 
for Patrick Brigham

Roy Dimond

I have not only read, but have had the good fortune of Madi Preda applying the very techniques she mentions to my books. I can vouch that she knows what she is talking about. Madi has put her experience into an easily understood format that will IMMEDIATELY help every author. If you want book sales, I highly recommend her book.

Roy Dimond author of The Singing Bowl, The Rubicon Effect, and co author of Saving Our Pennys.
's review
Jul 29, 14

Read in July, 2014

This is a great guide. The introduction is simple: “Have you ever wondered why some authors make a fortune on their writing while so many others who have written wonderful books seem to struggle?”

My advice is: read the entire book; digest it and study it again, chapter by chapter. If this had been around at the time I self-published my first book, my own story as an author might have a happy ending! Yet, I struggled through various strategies, alone, with little or no advice - and at a time when the only tips came from forums. So yes, there are strategies in this book which I have stumbled across anyway (through networking on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads) for example, some of the suggestions for getting reviews.

But for new authors, maybe not so.

This guide combines excellent PR techniques with strategic marketing: just about everything you need to know from how to write a press release to social media networking, and filled with case studies, which show real examples of the theory being put into practice. The one thing I should warn however, is that following a guide like this requires time, effort and patience. It’s maybe not something you can easily fit around a day job, as I’ve found myself doing, but a concentrated campaign akin to running a new business. So new writers take heed - if you crave success, then this guide is definitely for you!